My name is Twan a.k.a. Twanneman. Born and raised in Enschede, the Netherlands on a thursday morning, the 14th of June 1979.

Currently I live and work in Tilburg. I have my own Studio at NS16, a co working & exposition space based in the centre of Tilburg..

My focus is on innovative opensource hardware & software solutions to help my clients improve their activities, service, and increase revenue.

I focus on software/web/app developmentI but I also do web/app/ux/ui design and concept-development.

I have been designing for the web for quite a while. Started 16 years ago, and I haven't stopped since!

Through the development of opensource solutions, your company can realize the benefits that I offer while making it affordable for everyone.

I love designing and developing websites, applications, interfaces, and branding for individuals & businesses all over the globe.

I'll never stop learning and staying curious. I'm autodidactic which is the key to all the things I'm able to do and know.

I love opensource, technology, design, sketching, typography, photography, timelapses, icons, animation, gadgets, new media, skateboarding & snowboarding.